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Artists' Corner
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Short Stories
Bint   by Samuel Carey


It was Easter morning and Peter’s three children came running in to wake him up.  The two boys laughed and bounced on the bed, Bint barked at all the excitement, and Sarah stood at the foot of the bed with a tear in her eye, happy that her family was back together again. 

The Lodge had an excellent first season, with George’s widow and relatives coming to stay and bringing their friends.  And Robert, the pilot from Ft. Liard, not only spreading the word, but also becoming the official pilot for the Lodge.  Although Peter refused to charge them anything to stay at the Lodge, they all took up a collection and hired the best lawyers and investigators that money could buy.  The investigators found more than enough evidence of harassment, indoctrination, and neglect by the grandparents and social services, that the lawyers were able to return custody of the boys to their father.  And as a bonus, the judge awarded all legal fees and expenses to be paid by the grandparents. 

Upon their arrival at the Lodge, the boys were overly shy, introverted and scared.  They would often stay in their room and were afraid to speak.  It took several days before the boys would let Sarah, or their daddy, hug them, cringing in fear every time they came near.  But after two weeks of living at the Lodge, having the stability of a loving father again, the boys were back to their normal old selves, running, jumping, and climbing trees.   Sarah did not know all of what her brothers had to live through, but she was happy that they were home, and that they were a family again. 

Sarah noticed that every time the Northern Lights were visible, her daddy would sit outside for hours staring up at them.  Sometimes when the temperature would drop past 40 below, she could convince him to come inside, only to have him stand at the window watching the lights.  She was never quite sure what he was thinking, but when he was done, he would hug her so tight that she could hardly breathe.  Then, with tears in his eyes, he would kiss her on the forehead and say good night. 

Many new family traditions were started that year, but the one that Sarah and her brothers looked forward to the most was when, every August, at the anniversary of their mother’s passing, when the Aurora Borealis made its first appearance of the year, their daddy would entertain them with stories of their mother. 

Her brothers always liked the adventure tales that were told first, but Sarah patiently waited for the romance story of when her parents first met and fell in love under the Northern Lights. 

In an August, many years later, under the first Lights of the year, with her grandchildren gathered at her feet, Sarah’s eyes fill with tears as she tells the stories of her mother and father, how they first met, and of their adventures together. 

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