Tales From The Trail
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Tales From The Trail
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Trails Gone By

Ravine Ecological Park - Yorkton, Saskatchewan

This Park is widely know throughout Yorkton and the surrounding area as the Ravine Ecological Preserve.  It is the result of several parties, committed to the conservation of Nature. 

The land was originally owned by the Dolmage family.  Apparently, George Dolmage was quite the colourful character, as well as an entrepreneur. 

The Hjertaas Nature Trail in the Park is named after Warren Hjertaas, one of the people who spearheaded the creation of the Park.  The trail is narrow but easy to walk.  But due to all the recent rain, the northern half was flooded and impassible.  There is a floating walkway that crosses the ravine and divides the trail in half, which is a great place to view the myriad of fowl species in the park. 

The Ravine Ecological Preserve is a jewel in the midst of the city.  If you are ever traveling through Yorkton and need a little break to get back to nature, then by all means this Park may be just the thing.