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Traditional Oak Toboggans

Our Toboggans are most commonly made from Oak, but may also be made from Purple Heart or other custom woods upon request.  We also build hybrid toboggans that are a combination of wood and plastic. 

Toboggan style dogsleds are for the more serious traditional musher as they usually require larger teams to pull them.  Hybrid toboggans are much lighter and are the style of choice for small teams.  Toboggans are excellent for longer trips into the back country as they can hold a lot of supplies and can negotiate rough trail and heavy snow conditions.  The more advanced musher may prefer a flat bottom, but we can add plastic runners to help hobby mushers with sled control.  Our standard toboggan size is 19 1/2" wide and 10' long (overall length after bending), although we can build custom sizes as well. 
Standard 10' Toboggan - $800
Backboard                     - $100
Canvas Bag                   - $300
Traditionally, trails were narrow and set by snowshoe.  A single dog musher could run a team on well travelled trails, but in the back country, on less travelled trails, mushers often travelled in pairs.  One person would dawn the snowshoes and walk ahead breaking trail, often throughout the night.  Then in the morning, after the trail had set with the cooler temperatures of the night, the other musher would bring up the team and the two would switch roles for the next day.  The toboggans were pulled by four to six large dogs travelling in single file, with a harness designed specifically for the task.  With the advent of the snowmobile to groom wide trails, these single file harnesses, sometimes reffered to as the Canadian Rig or Klondike Rig, were replaced by harnesses designed for sled dog racing. 

Traditional toboggans work great with traditional single file harnesses.
The single file harnesses shown above are made of synthetic materials.  The style worn on the lead dog is a custom design to help alleviate line tangles.  The other three dogs are wearing adjustable synthetic harnesses, patterned after the traditional leather harness.
Synthetic Harness          - $160
Leather Harness            - $500
Every year we make a limited number of sleds during the off season.  Once these sleds are sold that is all for the year.  Please                            to find out what we have left in our inventory.
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